We have an excellent relationship with a number of scrapyards/recycling units all across the globe with whom we primarily deal in non-ferrous based metal scrap (Zurik, Zorba & Mixed Heavies) and Electric Motors scrap. However, we are always on the look-out for more suppliers who can satisfy our ever-growing demand for materials. 

Trading houses

We buy all kinds of non-ferrous metal scrap from trading houses and through auctions from companies all across India. Our purchasing model differs from rest of the market on the following parameters:

  • Bulk purchase
  • Transparent & honest dealing
  • On-time payments



We excel in supplying the right metal scrap for your factory, after understanding your end-product and the nature of operations. Our expert advise and high-quality supply of raw materials will relieve you off a major worrying factor, letting you focus on running your operations. 

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We understand how furnances work with respect to the yields, wastage and operational problems associated with the innumerable varieties of metal scrap available in the market. We pride ourselves in recommending and supplying you with the raw material that will work the best for your furnace and operations. 

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Trading houses

We supply all kinds of ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap to trading houses/companies all across India at highly competitive rates. Our supplies differ from the rest of the market in the following manner:

  • Variety & range of products
  • Superior quality of segregation & sorting
  • Packing of material
  • Volume & scale of supply